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"Helping you to fulfill God's Vision for you and your church"                      

Covering : Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois,
      Wisconsin, Tennessee and Kentucky


                  Energize- Renew- Revitalize

"Helping you to fulfill God's vision for you , your family and your church"

Our ministry objectives: We believe that God has chosen His church to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. In order to do that we must have effective churches. We believe an effective church is one that is changing lives for Jesus Christ. Therefore, our ministry objectives are to help the local pastor revitalize his/her church to be an effective church.

In order to do that we feel that we must start with effective leadership. Without effective leadership you cannot have effective churches. Therefore, we encourage all pastors to have a Leadership Seminar to help to spiritually revitalize the leadership and help them to understand their responsibility to the pastor and the church.

Next we believe that the congregation should be spiritually revitalized and energized. We suggest a revitalization event that will bring them into a new and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Many churches have people that have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior; but, few have made him 'Lord' of their lives. The goal of a "Spiritual Revitalizing Weekend" is to bring them to that point of total surrender to Christ. With that commitment to the Lordship of Christ along with effective leadership, we believe we will see more effective churches for Jesus Christ.

Send for your free 8 steps that can bring spiritual revitalization to your church.
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Ministry Events:

Leadership Seminar: An interaction teaching on leadership principles and issues that pertain to your individual church.
Testimonies of pastors where events have been experienced:

        Leadership Seminar-   

  • The weekend strengthened our leadership team. It deepened relationships between and among our leaders especially in small prayer groups. It helped us established clear goals for the next 3 years.

  • My expectations were met through the Leadership Retreat. Thoughts were stirred, people fused with energy with a mind to work. The people are ready to work, build and to reach out. - Leadership Seminar

                            Leadership Seminars - schedule available upon request



Spiritual Revitalization Weekend: A weekend event to help bring your people to a spiritual awakening to the need of Jesus Christ in their lives. There are two options for this event schedule. Option I is having the visiting team arrive on Friday Night, Your church people come all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Option II is a traditional weekend - Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday a.m. Schedule is available upon request.
*The Spiritual Revitalization Weekend was a very positive experience and lives were changed, there were relationships that were healed and people are working together

*The weekend went very well. Our goals were renewed and as a result we had 28 re-commitments to Christ. Also, we had two first-time commitments. We had two visitors join us and have had growth and fellowship which resulted from the weekend. We had a good time when sharing in our evaluation time on Sunday night. There was a strong call to have small groups and to continue the small group experience they enjoyed during the weekend. The result is that we are starting two fellowship groups.

  • This is our new exciting event with and emphasis on prayer for the weekend. Statistics show us that the American Christian reads and listens about prayer more than they actually pray. The Deeper Walk Weekend is a practical hands on experience in prayer . The weekend is designed to help people commit to praying on a daily basis and realizing the wonderful relationship we can have with the person of Jesus Christ as we seek him daily.

    What happens during a weekend? An outside group of lay people and a group from your church lead a series of small groups and workshops to help your people get a better understanding of prayer and the daily need for it in their lives, their family and church.

    * "The Deeper Walk Weekend went very well. God brought just the right people to minister to us. The testimonies and leadership in the small groups by the witnesses were a real blessing to our people. We have had good positive comments from our people. Several testified on Sunday morning on how the weekend blessed them. Our attendance was greater than anticipated. Some of our people are interested in doing it again."

    * "The Deeper Walk Weekend as a blessing to our church. Our people are still talking about it. One man shared that when he heard that people were coming to teach and share on prayer he thought..."Why do I need this weekend. My prayer life is OK." then he said... "Then, what I found out was that it was just that.. "OK"

    *A Women shared that the weekend changed her life forever. She said.. "Daily I am discovering ' Our Lord ' in new and exciting ways. We had 35 people come forward on Saturday night to commit to pray daily for their family, church and church leaders.



A. THE SCRIPTURES: We believe the Bible is the inerrant, inspired word of God, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. II Timothy 3:16

B: THE GODHEAD. We believe in a triune God. Father, (creator) Son, (Redeemer) Holy Spirit (Teacher, Equipper and Empowered for living a Christian life).

C. THE CHURCH. We believe the church is 'God's chosen vessel' to reach the dying world for Jesus Christ.

If we can help you in fulfilling God's vision for your life and your church, please call us at 1-800-798-1513 or E-Mail us at

We can arrange:

Short term missions- US and foreign
Long term missions- US and foreign
Special program needs for your church
   i.e. - Children's Ministry - Special Music - Youth Events

R.C. Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based non-profit 501 (c)(3) ministry - supported by those that believe in the ministry and by the registration fee that is asked for when registering for an event. Also a free will offering is asked to be taken during the time of the event to help with the expenses of a mission and this also helps us with the on-going ministry of RC Ministries, Inc.

                   For more information contact:  Bob Coulter,  Director
                  Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

  Mail to: PO Box 2598
West Columbia, SC 29171

Telephone: # 1-803-799-0502
FAX: 803-246-7446

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